4 Tips for Taking the Perfect Newborn Pictures

We all want to capture those special moments, especially with a newborn baby.  The key to getting great pictures of your newborn is preparation, at home having a camera handy all the time is key.  Newborns don’t pose, you have to catch them at that split second they do something adorable.  Professional photographers that specialize in newborns prepare well in advance of your photo shoot to get great shots.  Here are 4 tips for taking the perfect newborn pictures that professional photographers use.

  1. Get in their space

Your baby is the focal point of the picture and not the background so get right into their space.  You want your newborn front and center, use a macro lens to get in as much detail as possible.  The macro lens lets you focus on the details, you want all your baby’s dimples and wrinkles to be part of the shot.

  1. Natural light is your friend

Natural lighting is free and it makes your pictures look warmer.  Newborn babies look so much better under natural light than they do under harsh spotlights.  You can use a nearby window to capture the shot.  If your baby is a light sleeper or startles easy then strong flashes will inevitably startle them and ruin your picture.  If natural light isn’t an option then you need to soften the light that you do have.  You can use a spot light or lamp with tissue paper over the top to make it less harsh.

  1. Black and white is beautiful

Photographing in black and white changes how you look at pictures, it forces you to focus on the subject and textures rather than on just the pretty colors.  This works perfectly with newborn photography, you want people looking at your baby as the subject of the picture.  Babies a few days old often have blotchy skin tones, and that is perfectly normal, but when you switch to black and while it removes the distracting patches of skin.

  1. Babies are adorable in the buff

Newborns are so tiny, and they seem to float in whatever clothing or diapers they have on.  It changes the form in the picture.  Naked babies, aside from being adorable give you continuity of line.  That being said, be prepared for accidents to happen.

Getting the perfect shot or facial expression from an infant is all about patience.  You may be sitting behind the lens of your camera for a while waiting for your newborn to do something cute.  Newborn photographers are used to these sorts of things.

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