Newborn Photgrapher
Capturing Precious Moments

Every family tells a story, let me capture yours

My name is Brianna Hall and I am here to help you capture and treasure that precious time when your baby is just a tiny little infant.

When it comes to professional baby photography the most important qualities that a photographer can have are patience and the right preparation.  I make sure that everything I need for a shoot is ready well ahead of time.  You never know when the perfect picture will strike, I am always poised and ready to take advantage of that moment.  I work on your infant’s timetable.  I do recommend that your baby has been well fed and rested whenever possible.

The Photo Shoot

I make your baby the star of the show, so I tend not to use a lot of props when doing newborn photography.  Having plenty of colored toys and items around can distract your baby and we generally remove them from the space.  Don’t expect too many shots of the baby staring straight into the camera, they don’t find it that entertaining and it doesn’t really hold their attention.  I do wait with my “finger on the trigger” to make sure that when the right shot comes we capture it.

Posed or Natural Shots

Newborn photo shoots generally fall into two categories, either posed photos or natural shots.  A posed photo is usually done within the first couple of weeks when your baby sleeps most of the day.  These are adorable photos where your sleeping baby is put into different poses with blankets or hats.  These sessions can take quite a bit of time waiting for the baby to fall asleep.  Here are some possible poses for your newborn.

Natural shots are a bit easier and they are more like family photos and less artistic looking.  These shoots can involve mom, dad, and the whole family.  The photo shoots tend to take far less time but it is also perfect for capturing family bonds and the love that happens with a new addition to your family.  Either type of photo shoot will make for incredible memories for years to come.

I understand how precious this time in your baby’s life and how much you want to have the perfect photos to share with your family and friends.  Have a look through some of my work like the pictures below.  I can help you capture this precious moment in time.